Christian Methodist Episcopal Church - Starrville
Starrville CME Church 
A community of people striving to discover God's purpose for our lives.  Join us any Sunday and discover the power of God's word and connect with your desire to grow in his love.

Christian Methodist Episcopal 

In 1870, scarcely seven years after the freeing of slaves, Starrville (colored) Christian Methodist Episcopal Church was organized.  The early pioneers were working (just south to where our church site is today) when their owner came and told them they were free.  The men were so happy; they fell on their knees and begin giving thanks to God for their freedom.  (click on picture to read more).


Weekly  Schedule                                    Contact Information
Sunday School                       9:30 AM                 12973 FM Rd 757
Sunday Worship                  10:45 AM                 Winona, Tx 75792
Bible Study / Wed.                6:30  PM                  (903)877-3785
Auxiliary Mtgs./ Wed.          7:30  PM

Church Auxiliaries
Membership and Evangelism                Music Department
Board of Christian Education                     Male Chorus
      Christian Youth Fellowship                   Inspirational Choir
      Young Adult Fellowship                        Children, Youth & Young Adult Choir
      Boys to Men                                   
      Sunday School                                 Usher Board
      Mission                                             Stewards
            Rossie T.  Hollis                         Stewardess
            Mattie E. Coleman                    Trustees
      Lay Council

Sunday School
The purpose of Sunday School is to make the word of God a reality in every believer’s life.  Our goal is to build a biblical foundation the lives of individuals.
Children (ages 2-8)          Young Adults (ages 18 – 36) 
Youth (ages 9 – 12)          Adult Women (ages 37 – up)
Teens (ages 13 – 17)        Adult Men (ages 37 – up)

Music Ministry
The Music Ministry of Starrville loves to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through songs, encourage believers in their walk with Christ, lead the congregation in worship and provide an avenue through which individuals may share their gifts and be an integral part of worship. 
            Children and Youth Choir (3 – 17)
            Young Adult Choir (18 – 36)
            Male Chorus
            Inspirational Choir (all ages)

Christian Youth Fellowship (CYF)
To reach, teach and make productive citizens out of youth of today. Providing opportunities through bible study, volunteering, Christian youth activities, trips and outings that make lifelong positive impacts in the lives of our children and youth while bringing them closer to Christ.
Boys to Men (B2M)
Lead men and boys in developing in all areas and aspects of their lives to become mature, active and involved Christians.
Sacred Praise and Youth Praise Dance Ministry
National award-winning Praise Dance Ministry that represents the call of Christ through Christian dance and expression. The Ministry emphasizes the importance of a relationship with Christ, the unquestionable importance of glorifying God alone and taking the Ministry serious.  Motto: ITS ALL ABOUT GOD.
Young Adult Fellowship
The Connectional Young Adult Ministry encourages and exhibit God’s love as they address social concerns of young adults, the community and world; also providing leadership, guidance and unity in the development and implementation of programs for Christian service, in conjunction with the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church.
Women Missionary
Women called to discipleship to grow in knowledge and experience God through Christ Jesus, supporting the mission of the church and the needs of others in our church and community.  


Kenneth Cain
Church Conference Secretary
Nora LaShon Cook
Recording Steward
& Financial Clerk
Tammy Horn

Auxiliary and Department Leaders

Derrick Choice
Chairman of 
Steward Board

Baldwin Cross
Chairman of
Trustee Board

Patricia Cross
Director of Board of Christian Education

Baldwin Cross
Music Department Chairman

Peggie Pringle
Mission President

Rebecca Choice
Stewardess President

Donald Beasley
Superintendent of Sunday School

Justine Choice
President of 
Young Adult 

Letishia Cross
Youth Director

Amara Davis
Christian Youth
Fellowship President

Vanessa Choice
Membership and Evangelism

Olivia Browning
Usher President

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